Studio Primrose

Intro to Mosaics Workshop - Student's Tray
Soldered Art Workshop - Student's Pendants
Vintage Girls Marketplace Event
Mosaic Bottle Workshop - Students at work
Welcome to Studio Primrose - A Furniture Paint Boutique and Creative Studio!
Are you looking for...

  •   a one-stop resource for fabulous furniture paints and supplies   
  • free and informative painting demonstrations
  • hands-on furniture painting workshops that are fun and also provide you  with the skills, knowledge and confidence to create gorgeous painted vintage and up-cycled furniture?
  •   high quality furniture painting products and supplies?
  •   ideas and workshops to help you update your kitchen or home with newly painted cabinets or counter tops...or new color and texture for your walls?
  •   fun, creative workshops to "unleash your inner artist"...collage, stencilling, image transfer, mosaic, jewelry and more

​If so, you have come to just the right place!​ One glance at our workshop calendar and you will see the variety of workshops available.

Studio Primrose is a "Furniture Paint Boutique and Studio" located in The Rustic Hutch, an awesome chippy, crackle-y, and vintage-style gift and home decor store. In January 2013, Sandy and Roger, the owners of The Rustic Hutch, expanded their store to include The Vintage Market and Studio Primrose. The Vintage Market is full of vintage and up-cycled furniture and accessories that are painted by incredibly talented local artisans.

 Check out The Rustic Hutch on Facebook for more information.​​​Please do not hesitate to call 949-584-1917 OR 480-271-3881 if you have any questions regarding workshops or products being offered on this site. Come join us and "unleash your inner artist"!

...creativity blooms here.
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